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Upcoming Daylight Savings Patch for BizTalk Server

January 29, 2007


So I see today that BizTalk Server (among many other applications) is affected by the whole screwy US Daylight Savings change for 2007. Specifically for BizTalk, you’ll find the statement “Microsoft Biztalk Server 2006: Final update will be available in March 2007 through CSS. For more information see KB article 931961 (to be published by […]

SOA Resources

January 24, 2007


On the same morning I read that there’s a pending “drought” of architects who really “get” SOA and can sell it to the business, I see a great SOA reading list from Loosely Coupled Thinking. I’ve also spent a bit of time recently re-reading some of the old MS Architect Journal issues(issue 2, and issue […]

Updated BizTalk Adapter Resources

January 22, 2007


Via Luke, I suspect that this updated page of articles, whitepapers and webcasts on the BizTalk 2006 adapters will be invaluable for folks working in a diverse environment (hey, like me!). Note all of the Line of Business adapter walkthroughs now available. They are fairly short, but each one is to the point and gives […]

BizTalk Application Tracing, Part II

January 22, 2007


In my last post I showed how to add conditional tracing to your BizTalk application using a flag stored in an external configuration file. While this is the easiest “lookup” solution to set up, it also has a few downsides. Namely, being forced to restart the host instance to absorb changes and the requirement to […]

BizTalk Application Tracing, Part I

January 22, 2007


I just finished up my first week in the new job, and so far, so good. One aspect of my job as Architect is to help identify reusable frameworks and encourage their usage. I spent a brief time considering “tracing” and how best to add *conditional* tracing to my BizTalk application. This is Part I […]

Validating Content For Generic ESB On Ramp

January 11, 2007


So I spent a little time thinking about generic web service on ramps after reading Peter Kelcey’s post on the Microsoft ESB Guidance.  The shockingly observant of you may recall that I wrote a post a few months back on how to build a BizTalk web service that accepted generic input as well. I’m just not completely […]

Valid Operators In BizTalk Expression Shapes

January 10, 2007


I was looking for something in the online MSDN help for BizTalk today, and I came across an article that isn’t in my local CHM help file.  Here’s a list of all the valid operators that you can use in an orchestration’s Expression Shape.  Also for reference, here are all the various limitations and requirements of […]

Interacting With The MessageBox

January 4, 2007


Lee doesn’t post too frequently over at the BizTalk Core Engine blog, but when he does, it’s solid stuff.  This time he writes about the things you can, and most important CAN’T, change in the MessageBox.  Even better, he provides nice reasoning behind his statements. Good stuff. Technorati Tags: BizTalk

Debatching Inbound Messages From BizTalk SQL Adapter

January 3, 2007


A buddy of mine asked me this morning how to do debatching with the SQL Adapter.  While I fully understand XML and flat file debatching, the SQL Adapter uses a generated XSD schema, and I wasn’t 110% sure of the best way to handle that.  So, as usual, I figured I’d build it and see […]

Orchestration Handling of Suspended Messages

January 2, 2007


I spent a bit of time digging into how BizTalk handles various orchestration exceptions and what to expect when resuming suspended orchestrations.  Here are a few results. First off, I created a simple orchestration that calls out to an external .NET component.  I inserted a few Expression Shapes which write trace statements out.  We’ll view […]


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