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Handling and Throwing SOAP Exceptions from BizTalk

February 19, 2007


I’m building the “system qualification” applications for our new BizTalk Server 2006 environment, and one use case consisted of both consuming and exposing web services using BizTalk. Given that I frequently forget the process for handling SOAP exceptions, I figured I’d document it here for future reference. In this case, I’m receiving a message, using […]

BizTalk 2006 Technical Articles

February 16, 2007


So the BizTalk 2004 Technical Articles page is one that’s at the top of my browser’s bookmarks list. It’s still very relevant for BizTalk 2006 design/development. Today I bumped into the BizTalk 2006 Technical Articles page, which I swear hasn’t been there that long. Individually I’ve seen some of these white papers, just not all […]

Synchronizing BizTalk Message Changes

February 15, 2007


I was having issues with BizTalk’s promoted/distinguished fields today, so I ran a small test, and I’m not sure what I have here. What I want to see is when I change various values in a message (e.g. promoted property fields, distinguished fields, the message directly), when do the other values (e.g. promoted property fields, […]

BizTalk Article in Latest MSDN Magazine

February 15, 2007


Very useful overview of the web services capabilities in BizTalk Server 2006 in this month’s MSDN Magazine. Aaron Skonnard focuses a good portion of the article on generating services, but also covers service consumption and WSE considerations. There’s a teaser paragraph at the end about upcoming the Windows Communication Foundation adapter included in BizTalk Server […]

I Surrender .. BizTalk IS Affected by Daylight Savings

February 12, 2007


Sigh. Ok, so BizTalk still isn’t affected by the changes to Daylight Savings this year, BUT, the Microsoft KB article has been updated to explain general quirks with daylight savings, and reveals a hotfix to be available this month. On the general Daylight Savings Microsoft page, you’ll see a note saying, in part, that: Although […]

Add Namespace to Inbound BizTalk Messages

February 11, 2007


Did you know that BizTalk Server has a hidden pipeline component that can add namespaces to inbound documents? Often, you’ll find that you’re retrieving XML data from a system where no namespace has been provided. This can cause issues for BizTalk Server given that namespace#root is the global unique identifier for messages. If you had […]

Now BizTalk is NOT Affected by Daylight Savings

February 6, 2007


Ok … so in checking the Microsoft Preparing for Daylight Savings Changes in 2007 page, you’ll now see an update on Feb. 2nd that states: BizTalk Server entries removed after determination product not directly affected by DST2007 issues. So, my previous post is moot. You’ve got plenty of things to update, but now BizTalk Server […]


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