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Script for Automatically Creating BizTalk Solution Structure

March 29, 2007


Every organization (and developer) has their own development project structure. I’ve set up a BizTalk project structure that my company will use for all new BizTalk projects. To make life easy, I also built a simple VBScript file to automatically build the structure for us. My folder structure looks like this: I’ve got a spot […]

Reusing BizTalk Oracle Adapter DSN

March 26, 2007


I finally had the excuse to use BizTalk Server 2006 Single Sign On for application configuration data. In one of my current BizTalk projects, I’m using a long running transaction which loops through and starts up other orchestrations. When those orchestrations finish, I’m using partner bound ports to return a response. As I receive batches […]

New BizTalk Book Out

March 26, 2007


Big congrats to Darren Jefford for finishing Professional BizTalk 2006. Darren throws out a quick summary of each chapter here. Given how few books existed for those struggling to learn BizTalk Server 2004, it’s a welcome change to see so many top – of – the – line books available for BizTalk Server 2006. Technorati […]

Fun With BizTalk, XPath, and Namespaces

March 19, 2007


The BizTalk Xpath statements usually required for my projects never seem to be as simple as the examples I find online. Usually, it’s because I’m stuck using namespaces, unlike virtually every sample Xpath ever written. Last week I was working with an XML document where I wanted to capture the unique values in a repeating […]

View XSLT Output In Internet Explorer

March 13, 2007


Yesterday I was working on some XSLT stylesheets, and was testing them in Internet Explorer. That is, I was applying the <?xml-stylesheet type=”text/xsl” href=”<stylesheet>.xsl”?> declaration to the top of my XML document, and then viewing the transformed output in IE. However, you can’t view the underlying result of the output in IE, only the original […]

A Walk Through the BizTalk 2006 Oracle Adapter

March 12, 2007


Two of the six BizTalk projects I’m currently working on require me to access Oracle databases. So, I set out to prove out four major uses cases for the out-of-the-box Oracle BizTalk adapter. Scenario #1 – Receive messages into BizTalk by polling an entire table In this case, I need to pull in all of […]

Building a Complete Certificate Scenario With BizTalk Server 2006

March 5, 2007


I’m working on a BizTalk project where we’re testing the use of security certificates, and I’ve just had a bear of a time finding thorough walkthroughs of setting this up. It’s barely mentioned in the available BizTalk books, and while the BizTalk 2004 whitepaper (which has now been added to the BizTalk 2006 documentation) has […]


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