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Important Hotfixes For the BizTalk Oracle Adapter

August 27, 2007


We’ve encountered a few quirky things with the Oracle database adapter for BizTalk, so I thought I’d point out a few Microsoft KB articles and hotfixes that you should be aware of if you’re using this adapter. FIX: One of the Microsoft BizTalk Adapters for Enterprise Applications stops processing incoming messages until you restart the […]

Interesting BizTalk Links From This Week

August 24, 2007


I usually despise blogs that do nothing but link to other posts (breaking rule #11 in Jeff’s list of blog clichés), but, there were a few BizTalk/service things that caught my eye this week and I thought I’d briefly point them out. Yossi Dahan inspects my recent write up on BizTalk and static objects and […]

Debatching Flat Files Into XML (With Header Intact)

August 23, 2007


Today I was approached with the problem of how to take a flat file input, debatch it, add the “header” to each individual record, and return the results as XML messages. The first part of the equation was to successfully debatch the flat file. So, I took the header and body schemas that the developer […]

Behavior Of Static Objects In BizTalk Runtime

August 17, 2007


I recently answered a BizTalk newsgroup post where the fellow was asking how static objects would be shared amongst BizTalk components. I stated that a correctly built singleton should be available to all artifacts in the host’s AppDomain. However, I wasn’t 1000% sure what that looked like, so I had to build out an example. […]

BizTalk Property Schemas Separated From Associated Schemas, Take II

August 15, 2007


Back on the old Microsoft blog, I wrote about not separating a property schema from its implementation schema. I concluded that this “tip” in the documentation seemed to be more like a guideline vs. a rule. Today, I realized it’s more like a rule. I had a BizTalk project containing ONLY a property schema, then […]

Performance Showdown Between BRE and WF

August 14, 2007


If you’ve got a couple hours free, and are interested in the performance of the two primary business rules offerings from Microsoft, check out the latest post by Charles Young. Charles does some comically thorough analysis and comparison of the Windows Workflow rules engine and the Microsoft Business Rules Engine that ships with BizTalk Server. […]

BizTalk Pattern For Scheduled “Fan Out” Of Database Records

August 13, 2007


We recently implemented a BizTalk design pattern where on schedule (or demand), records are retrieved from a database, debatched, returned to the MessageBox, and subscribed to by various systems. Normally, “datastore to datastore” synchronization is a job for an ETL tool, but in our case, using our ETL platform (Informatica) wasn’t a good fit for […]

Tool: BizTalk Send Port Duplicator

August 10, 2007


Often times during development, and even in production, you have a need to create new BizTalk ports that are virtually identical to an existing one. For instance, in a “content based routing” scenario, odds are you would test this by creating multiple send ports, all with a slight deviation in subscription criteria and destination path. […]

CTP3 of ESB Guidance Released

August 7, 2007


Some very cool updates in the just-released CTP3 of ESB Guidance. The changes that caught my eye include: Download the full Help file in CHM format. Check out what’s new in this release, sample projects, and a fair explanation of how to perform basic tasks using the package. New endpoint “resolver” framework. Dynamically determine endpoint […]

Troubleshooting “Canceled Web Request”

August 6, 2007


Recently, when calling web services from the BizTalk environment, we were seeing intermittent instances of the “WebException: The request was aborted: The request was canceled” error message in the application Event Log. This occurred mostly under heavy load situations, but could be duplicated even with fairly small load. If you search online for this exception, […]


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