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BizTalk Ordered Delivery Gotcha

September 28, 2007


One of my colleagues recently lost a bit of work because of a tricky “gotcha” with messages going through an ordered delivery channel in BizTalk Server. For someone viewing suspended messages in the BizTalk Administration Console, there is no obvious way to identify a suspended port as an ordered delivery port. In the screenshot below, […]

BizTalk SSO Configuration Data Storage Tool

September 21, 2007


If you’ve been in the BizTalk world long enough, you’ve probably heard that you can securely store name/value pairs in the Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) database. However, I’ve never been thrilled with the mechanism for inserting and managing these settings, so, I’ve built a tool to fill the void. Jon Flanders did some great work […]

BizTalk 2006 R2 Launch in Los Angeles

September 19, 2007


If you’re in the Los Angeles area, check out the registration for the BizTalk 2006 R2 Launch Event. I just signed up. I’ll be the guy in the back heckling Marty and Chris with taunts such as “SOA is dead!”, and “BizTalk killed my parents!”. Good fun. Technorati Tags: BizTalk

My BizTalk vNext Wish List

September 13, 2007


Congrats to the Connected Systems Division for getting BizTalk Server 2006 R2 out the door. Now that we’re done with that, here’s my humble “wish list” for BizTalk Server vNext. I realize that development is well under way, but, hopefully some of these requests can make it in. Design Tools High level modeling tool. Nothing […]

Utilizing Spring.NET To Integrate BizTalk and SOA Software

September 11, 2007


I recently had the situation where I wanted to reuse a web service proxy class for multiple BizTalk send ports but I required a unique code snippet specific to each send port. We use SAP XI to send data to BizTalk which in turn, fans out the data to interested systems. Let’s say that one […]

RSSBus Updated With BizTalk-Specific Connector

September 11, 2007


Those cats at \n software have released an updated version of RSSBus They’ve added a new feed creation wizard, improved caching and performance, and added a bunch of new connectors. Of specific interest to me, they’ve added a BizTalk Connector which extracts the following RSS feeds: List of all service instances in BizTalk List of […]

My BizTalk Code Review Checklist

September 4, 2007


I recently put together a BizTalk Code Review checklist for our development teams, and thought I’d share the results. We didn’t want some gargantuan list of questions that made code review prohibitive and grueling. Instead, we wanted a collection of common sense, but concrete, guidelines for what a BizTalk solution should look like. I submit […]


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