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BizTalk Atomic Transaction Rollback of Variables

November 27, 2007


This week I’m delivering a BizTalk development class for my colleagues, and during my preparation of demonstrations, I spent a few extra minutes confirming the behavior of members variables and atomic transactions. Atomic transactions in BizTalk don’t necessarily behave like some folks expect.  For instance, if a BizTalk orchestration calls a component with ADO.NET code […]

Presentations Available Online for Microsoft SOA/BPM Conference

November 14, 2007


If you missed the recent SOA & BPM Conference from Microsoft, you can now review nearly all of the presentation decks via the conference website. Visit the presentation download page to grab PDF versions of material. Technorati Tags: BizTalk

BizTalk In-Process Hosting Of WCF Http Services

November 14, 2007


After my post of various WCF scenarios, I received a couple questions about using the in-process host to receive WCF HTTP requests, so I thought I’d briefly show my configuration setup for making this work. First off, I had created a “regular” IIS-hosted WCF web service and auto-generated a receive port and location. I decided […]

New Co-Worker Blog

November 13, 2007


One of my brightest co-workers decided to set up a blog this week, and I encourage you to check him out. The first post for Victor Fehlberg’s Tech Postings (about Victor) goes over the process of setting up Terminal Services access to a shared BizTalk environment. Besides being a newly minted BizTalk guru, Victor’s our […]

Setting “KeepAlive” Value in BizTalk Web Service Calls

November 13, 2007


A few months back I posted about getting “canceled web requests” when calling a service on WebLogic from a BizTalk Server. Now, there appears to be a Microsoft hotfix that can address this. While looking for another hotfix, I located this … Messages may be suspended when you use the HTTP adapter to send multiple […]

XML, Web Services and Special Characters

November 9, 2007


If you’ve worked with XML technologies for any reasonable amount of time, you’re aware of the considerations when dealing with “special” characters. This recently came up at work, so I thought I’d share a few quick thoughts. One of the developers was doing an HTTP post of XML content to a .NET web service. However, […]

Adventures With WCF and BizTalk

November 7, 2007


After my mini-rant on WCF last week, I figured that my only course of action was to spend a bit of my free time actually re-learning WCF (+ BizTalk) and building out the scenarios that most interest me. In my effort to move my WCF skill set from “able to talk about it” to “somewhat […]


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