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New Collection of WCF Security Task Guidance

March 27, 2008


If you’re looking to dig a bit deeper into WCF security, and specifically how to perform particular tasks, go check out J.D. Meier’s blog for a link list of new “how tos” and videos recently posted to CodePlex. Specifically, you’ll find some useful demonstrations for creating temporary certificates for message-based security, some interesting looks at […]

BizTalk Environment Migration Checklist

March 20, 2008


My company’s “standard operating procedure” for BizTalk Server doesn’t call out the specific requirements to deploy among environments (development to test, test to production, etc), so I’m trying to help the team get those articulated.  Here’s my first stab at a checklist that should be followed for BizTalk application migration between environments.   I don’t want […]

Gracefully Uploading to SharePoint 2007 From BizTalk Server 2006 R1

March 17, 2008


Scenario: I want to allow BizTalk Server 2006 (R1) to send XML (InfoPath forms) to a MOSS 2007 document library without resorting to hacks. Resolution: I can’t use the out-of-the-box BizTalk SharePoint adapter (only BizTalk Server 2006 R2 works natively with MOSS 2007) so I decided to utilize the available SharePoint web services to upload […]

How Do You Know If You’ve Reached Practical SOA Maturity?

March 13, 2008


I’d like to think that my company is fairly far along the SOA path, but we’ll be spending time this year looking to refine our SOA reference architecture and map our progress on a SOA maturity model.  Most of the maturity models out there have some sort of scale which ranges from “starting with basic […]

BizTalk Database Architecture Poster Now Available

March 4, 2008


The BizTalk product team keeps pumping out posters, so I guess that I’ll keep highlighting them.  This particular one focuses on the core BizTalk databases, their functions, and how they relate to each other.  Specifically, you’ll find each BizTalk database alongside it’s role, functional events, data movement events and more.  Given that SQL Server databases […]

Wally the Architect

March 4, 2008


After reading today’s Dilbert comic, I’m not sure Wally is the standard-bearer for architects that I want to get behind …


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