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Enabling Data-Driven Permissions in SharePoint Using Windows Workflow

June 30, 2008


A group I’m working with was looking to use SharePoint to capture data entered by a number of international employees.  They asked if SharePoint could restrict access to a given list item based on the value in a particular column.  So, if the user created a line item designated for “Germany”, then automatically, the list […]

Quick Look at UML in VSTS "Rosario"

June 23, 2008


During the MVP Summit this past April, I saw a presentation of UML capabilities that are part of the Visual Studio Team System “Rosario” April 2008 Preview.  I immediately downloaded the monstrous virtual machine containing the bits … and finally took a quick look at things today. In my current job, I find myself creating […]

New BizTalk Performance, WCF Whitepapers

June 11, 2008


I was looking for a particular download today on the Microsoft site, and came across a couple of new whitepapers.  Check out the Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide which 220+ pages of performance factors, analytic tools, planning/preparing/executing a performance assessment, identifying bottlenecks, how to test, and optimizing operating system / network / database  level […]

New WCF Management Pack for SOA Software

June 6, 2008


I was on a conference call with those characters from SOA Software and they were demonstrating their BizTalk Management Pack.  They also spent a lot of time covering their in-development WCF binding. Moving forward, SOA Software is releasing Microsoft-friendly agents for … IIS 6.0 (SOAP/HTTP) WCF (any transport) BizTalk (any transport) BizTalk-WCF (any transport) All […]

Building InfoPath Web Forms With Cascading Lists

June 6, 2008


We’re replacing one of our critical systems, and one of the system analysts was looking for a way to capture key data entities in the existing system, and every system/form/report that used each entity.  Someone suggested SharePoint and I got myself roped into prototyping a solution. Because of the many-to-one relationship being captured (e.g. one […]

All Source Code Posted for BizTalk + WCF Articles

June 3, 2008


I just finished zipping up all the source code for my recent set of articles over at  Specifically, I just added the source code for the set of articles on publishing WCF services out of BizTalk (with security, transactions, attachments) and the source code for all the BizTalk Adapter Pack demonstrations that utilized the […]


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