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What Does an Architect Do?

August 21, 2008


Great pointer from Mike Walker yesterday to an IASA blog post highlighting their Architect Taxonomy and what it means to be an architect.  Reading things like this are always a reminder to me that I’m not remotely great at my job yet. The author of the IASA post, Paul Preiss, first links to the list […]

Odds and Ends

August 20, 2008


A couple things to share on this glorious Wednesday.  First, one of our BizTalk developers came across an odd scenario, and I just learned that everyone’s favorite Dahan (Yossi Dahan) wrote about it a couple years ago.  Our issue was that an orchestration needed to consume a service with a multi-part input, but the complex […]

Impact of Database Availability on BizTalk Web Services

August 15, 2008


My buddy Victor asked me the other day about the relationship between IIS and the BizTalk databases.  That is, if we restart the SQL Server service or server, what happens to messages that are still submitted to the BizTalk web services on an active IIS server? So, I put together a really quick application where […]

Trying *Real* Contract First Development With BizTalk Server

August 6, 2008


A while back on my old MSDN blog, I demonstrated the concept of “contract first” development in BizTalk through the publishing of schema-only web services using the Web Services Publishing Wizard.  However, Paul Petrov rightly pointed out later that my summary didn’t truly reflect a contract-first development style. Recently my manager had asked me about […]

Interview Series: Four Questions With … Tomas Restrepo

August 1, 2008


There are a plethora of great technologists in the “connected systems” space, and I thought it would be fun to interview a different one each month.  These are short, four question interviews where I ask about experiences with technology.  The last question will always be a fairly stupid, silly question that might only amuse me.  […]


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