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Delivering and Surviving a Project’s Architecture Peer Review

May 29, 2009


Architecture reviews at my company are brutal.  Not brutal in a bad way, per se, but in the sense that if you are not completely prepared and organized, you’ll leave with a slight limp and self doubt that you know anything about anything at any time, ever. So what should an architect do when preparing […]

Recent Links of Interest

May 22, 2009


It’s the Friday before a holiday here in the States so I’m clearing out some of the interesting things that caught my eye this week. BizTalk “Cloud” Adapter is coming.  Check out Danny’s blog where he talks about what he demonstrated at TechEd.  Specifically, we should be on the lookout for a Azure adapter for […]

Building a RESTful Cloud Service Using .NET Services

May 18, 2009


On of the many actions items I took away from last week’s TechEd was to spend some time with the latest release of the .NET Services portion of the Azure platform from Microsoft.  I saw Aaron Skonnard demonstrate an example of a RESTful, anonymous cloud service, and I thought that I should try and build […]

TechEd 2009: Day 2 Session Notes (CEP First Look!)

May 12, 2009


Missed the first session since Los Angeles traffic is comical and I thought “side streets” was a better strategy than sitting still on the freeway.  I was wrong. Attended a few sessions today, with the highlight for me being the new complex event processing engine that’s part of SQL Server 2008 R2.  Find my notes […]

TechEd 2009: Day 1 Session Notes

May 11, 2009


Good first day.  Keynote was relatively interesting (even though I don’t fully understand why the presenters use fluffy “CEO friendly” slides and language in a room of techies) and had a few announcements.  The one that caught my eye was the public announcement of the complex event processing (CEP) engine being embedded in SQL Server […]

Evaluation Criteria for SaaS/Cloud Platform Vendors

May 7, 2009


My company has been evaluating (and in some cases, selecting) SaaS offerings and one of the projects that I’m currently on has us considering such an option as well.  So, I started considering the technology-specific evaluation criteria (e.g. not hosting provider’s financial viability) that I would use to determine our organizational fit to a particular […]

Look Me Up at Microsoft TechEd 2009

May 6, 2009


I’ll be 35 miles from home next week while attending Microsoft TechEd in Los Angeles.  In exchange for acting as eye candy during a few shifts at Microsoft’s BizTalk booth and pimping my new book, I get to attend any other sessions that I’m interested in.  Not a bad deal. You can find me in […]

Applying Multiple BizTalk Bindings to the Same Environment

May 4, 2009


File this under “I didn’t know that!”  Did you know that if you add multiple BizTalk binding files (which all target the same environment) to an application, that they ALL get applied during installation?  Let’s talk about this. So I have a simple application with a few messaging ports.  I then generated four distinct binding […]

Interview Series: FIVE Questions With … Ofer Ashkenazi

May 1, 2009


To mark the just-released BizTalk Server 2009 product, I thought my ongoing series of interviews should engage one of Microsoft’s senior leadership figures on the BizTalk team.  I’m delighted that Ofer Ashkenazi, Senior Technical Product Manager with Enterprise Application Platform Marketing at Microsoft, and the guy in charge of product planning for future releases of […]


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