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Using UML vs. ADL (Arbitrary Diagramming Language)

November 24, 2009


At my company, we highly encourage our architects and developers to communicate their design models through UML.  We have a standard set of diagrams that we regularly use to convey aspects of a given solution, including: Component diagrams for system dependency, functional decomposition and data flow Use case diagrams for business and system scenarios Sequence […]

Validating Incoming Data Using the BizTalk Business Rules Engine

November 11, 2009


A project team recently asked me if they could use the BizTalk BRE to validate incoming data.  I asked what sort of validation we were talking about, and it came down to four areas: Setting default values when the incoming fields were empty Doing look-ups based on existing data and populating related fields Doing concatenation […]

My Presentation from Sweden on BizTalk/SOA/Cloud is on Channel9

November 3, 2009


So my buddy Mikael informs me (actually all of us), that my presentation on “BizTalk, SOA and Leveraging the Cloud” from my visit to the Sweden User Group is finally available for viewing on Microsoft’s Channel9. In Part 1 of the presentation, I lay the groundwork for doing SOA with BizTalk, and, try to warm […]

Interview Series: Four Questions With … Lars Wilhelmsen

November 2, 2009


Welcome to the 14th edition of my interview series with thought leaders in the “connected technology” space.  This month, we are chatting with Lars Wilhelmsen, development lead for his employer KrediNor (Norway), blogger, and Connected Systems MVP.  In case you don’t know, Connected Systems is the younger, sexier sister of the BizTalk MVP, but we still […]


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