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Cloud Provider Request: Notification of Exceeded Cost Threshold

July 26, 2010


I wonder if one of the things that keeps some developers from constantly playing with shiny cloud technologies is a nagging concern that they’ll accidentally ring up a life-altering usage bill.  We’ve probably all heard horror stories of someone who accidentally left an Azure web application running for a long time or kept an Amazon […]

Using “Houston” to Manage SQL Azure Databases

July 22, 2010


Up until now, your only option for managing SQL Azure cloud databases was using an on-premise SQL Server Management Console and pointing to your cloud database.  The SQL Azure team has released a CTP of “Houston” which is a web-based, Silverlight environment for doing all sorts of stuff with your SQL Azure database.  Instead of […]

Sending StreamInsight Events to BizTalk Through New Web (SOAP/REST) Adapter

July 9, 2010


One StreamInsight usage scenario frequently discussed by the product team involves sending a subset of events (or aggregated complex events) to the Enterprise Service Bus for additional processing and distribution.  As I’ve mentioned before, StreamInsight doesn’t come with any out-of-the-box adapters.  So if you want to make this usage scenario a reality, it’s up to […]

Updated Ways to Store Data in BizTalk SSO Store

July 6, 2010


One of my more popular tools has been the BizTalk SSO Configuration Data Storage Tool.  At the time I built that, there was no easy way to store and manage Single Sign On (SSO) applications that were used purely for secure key/value pair persistence. Since that time, a few folks (that I know of) have […]

Interview Series: Four Questions With … Saravana Kumar

July 1, 2010


Happy July and welcome to the 22nd interview with a connected technology thought leader.  Today we’re talking to Saravana Kumar who is an independent consultant, BizTalk MVP, blogger, and curator of the handy BizTalk 24×7 and BizTalk BlogDoc communities.  The UK seems to be a hotbed for my interview targets, and I should diversify more, […]


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