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What Would the Best Franken-Cloud Look Like?

August 25, 2014


What if you could take all infrastructure cloud providers and combine their best assets into a single, perfect cloud? What would it look like? In my day job, I regularly see the sorts of things that cloud users ask for from a public cloud. These 9 things represent some of the most common requests: Scale. […]

Data Stream Processing with Amazon Kinesis and .NET Applications

January 9, 2014


Amazon Kinesis is a new data stream processing service from AWS that makes it possible to ingest and read high volumes of data in real-time. That description may sound vaguely familiar to those who followed Microsoft’s attempts to put their CEP engine StreamInsight into the Windows Azure cloud as part of “Project Austin.” Two major […]

Where the heck do I host my … cloud database?

October 14, 2013


So far, I’ve looked at options for hosting .NET and Node.js applications in the cloud. But what about the  services that web applications rely on? It’s unlikely that your cloud application will use many on-premises services, so you’ll need things like databases nearby. There are a LOT of relational and NoSQL cloud databases out there. […]

New Pluralsight course released: “Optimizing and Managing Distributed Systems on AWS”

August 30, 2013


My trilogy of AWS courses for Pluralsight is complete. I originally created AWS Developer Fundamentals, then added Architecting Highly Available Systems on AWS, and today released Optimizing and Managing Distributed Systems on AWS. This course picks up from where we left off with the last one. By the end of the Architecting Highly Available Systems […]

Where the heck do I host my … .NET app?

August 16, 2013


In this short series of posts, I’m looking at the various options for hosting different types of applications. I first looked at Node.js and its diverse ecosystem of providers, and now I’m looking at where to host your .NET application. Regardless of whether you think .NET is passé or not, the reality is that there […]

Pluralsight course on “Architecting Highly Available Systems on AWS” is live!

July 31, 2013


This summer I’ve been busy putting together my seventh video-on-demand training course for Pluralsight. This one – called Architecting Highly Available Systems on AWS – is now online and ready for your viewing pleasure. Of all the courses that I’ve done for Pluralsight, my previous Amazon Web Services one (AWS Developer Fundamentals) remains my most […]

3 Rarely Discussed, But Valuable, Uses for Cloud Object Storage

July 15, 2013


I’ve got object storage on the brain. I’m finishing up a new Pluralsight course on distributed systems in AWS that uses Amazon S3 in a few places, and my employer Tier 3 just shipped a new Object Storage service based on Riak CS Enterprise. While many of the most touted uses for cloud-based object storage […]


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