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Deploying a “Hello World” App to the Free IronFoundry v2 Sandbox

May 9, 2014


I’ve been affiliated in some way with Iron Foundry since 2011. Back then, I wrote up an article about this quirky open source project that added .NET support to the nascent Cloud Foundry PaaS movement. Since then, I was hired by Tier 3 (now CenturyLink Cloud), Cloud Foundry has exploded in popularity and influence, […]

Where the heck do I host my … .NET app?

August 16, 2013


In this short series of posts, I’m looking at the various options for hosting different types of applications. I first looked at Node.js and its diverse ecosystem of providers, and now I’m looking at where to host your .NET application. Regardless of whether you think .NET is passé or not, the reality is that there […]

Where the heck do I host my … Node.js app?

July 29, 2013


It’s a great time to be a developer. Also a confusing time. We are at a point where there are dozens of legit places that forward-thinking developers can run their apps in the cloud. I’ll be taking a look at a few different types of applications in a brief series of “where the heck do […]

Deploying a Cloud Foundry v2 Application to New Pivotal Cloud Environment

June 19, 2013


Cloud Foundry v2 has been talked about for a while – and being an open-source project, it’s easy to follow along with the roadmaps, docs, and source code – and now it’s being released into the wild. Cloud Foundry is shepherded by Pivotal (spun off from VMware earlier this year) and they have launched a […]

TechEd North America Session Recap, Recording Link

June 10, 2013


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans to present at TechEd North America. My session, Patterns of Cloud Integration, was recorded and is now available on Channel9 for everyone to view. I made the bold (or “reckless”, depending on your perspective) decision to show off as many technology demos as possible so […]

My New Pluralsight Course – Patterns of Cloud Integration – Is Now Live

April 9, 2013


I’ve been hard at work on a new Pluralsight video course and it’s now live and available for viewing. This course, Patterns of Cloud Integration,  takes you through how application and data integration differ when adding cloud endpoints. The course highlights the 4 integration styles/patterns introduced in the excellent Enterprise Integration Patterns book and discusses […]

Links to Recent Articles Written Elsewhere

November 8, 2012


Besides this blog, I still write regularly for as well in as a pair of blogs for my employer, Tier 3. It’s always a fun exercise for me to figure out what content should go where, but I do my best to spread it around. Anyway, in the past couple weeks, I’ve written a […]


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