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Richard’s Top 10 Rules for Meeting Organizers

February 18, 2014


Meetings are a necessary evil. Sometimes, you simply have to get a bunch of people together at one time in order to resolve a problem or share information. While Tier 3 was a very collaborative environment where there were very few meetings and information flowed freely, our new parent company (CenturyLink) has 50,000 people spread […]

How Do I Get Things Done? New Pluralsight Course Reveals All My Secrets

January 8, 2014


Back in August when I released a Pluralsight course on Optimizing Systems on AWS, the most frequent question I heard had nothing to do with AWS or the cloud. Instead, it was the familiar “how do you do so much stuff?” Various suggestions have been offered: robot twin, outsourcing to South America, zero sleep. Alas, […]

Favorite Books and Blog Posts of 2013

December 30, 2013


The year is nearly up, and it’s been a good one. 30+ posts on the blog, job changes, 4 new Pluralsight courses, twice-monthly contributions, graduation with a Masters Degree in Engineering, and speaking engagements around the world (Amsterdam, Gothenburg, New Orleans, San Francisco, London, and Chicago). Here’s a quick recap of my favorite blogs […]

8 Things I Learned From the Tier 3 Hack House

September 30, 2013


In September, my employer Tier 3 rented a house in St. George, Utah so that the Engineering team could cohabitate and collaborate. The house could accommodate 25 people, and we had anywhere from 8-12 folks there on a given week. This was the first time we’ve done this, and the concept seems to be gaining […]

5 Things That I’ve Learned About Working Remotely

March 4, 2013


In the past couple weeks there was an uproar in the tech community after it was learned that Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer was halting the “work from home” program and telling staff to get to the office. The response among techies was swift and mostly negative as the prevailing opinion was that this sort of […]

Book Review: The New Kingmakers

January 14, 2013


I just finished reading the fascinating new mini-eBook “The New Kingmakers” from Redmonk co-founder Stephen O’Grady. This book represents a more in-depth analysis of a premise put forth by O’Grady a couple years back: developers are the single most important constituency in technology. O’Grady doubles-down on that claim here, and while I think he proves […]

2012 Year in Review

December 31, 2012


2012 was a fun year. I added 50+ blog posts, built Pluralsight courses about and Amazon Web Services, kept writing regularly for, and got 2/3 of the way done my graduate degree in Engineering. It was a blast visiting Australia to talk about integration technologies, going to Microsoft Convergence to talk about CRM […]

Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

September 17, 2012


Scott Hanselman wrote an interesting post called Everything’s Broken and Nobody’s Upset this weekend, and it reminded me of the classic, profound Louis CK bit called Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy. While Scott’s post was reasonable, I’m an optimist and instead thought of a few aspects of technology awesomeness in life that are super cool […]

2011 Year in Review

December 30, 2011


2011 was an interesting year. I added 47 posts to this blog, produced three training courses for Pluralsight, started contributing a pair of articles per month for, released my 3rd book, had speaking engagements in New Zealand, Sweden and China, started graduate school, and accepted a new job. I’m extremely thankful for all these […]

How I Avoid Writer’s Block

August 17, 2011


I was reading Buck Woody’s great How I Prepare for Presentations blog post and it reminded me of a question that I often get from people.  Whenever I release a book, article, Pluralsight training class or do a presentation, I’m asked “how do you write so much?”  Maybe the underlying question is really “Why do […]


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