Using the New Salesforce Toolkit for .NET

January 16, 2014


Wade Wegner, a friend of the blog and an evangelist for, just built a new .NET Toolkit for Salesforce developers. This Toolkit is open source and available on GitHub. Basically, it makes it much simpler to securely interact with the REST API from .NET code. It takes care of “just working” on multiple […]

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Data Stream Processing with Amazon Kinesis and .NET Applications

January 9, 2014


Amazon Kinesis is a new data stream processing service from AWS that makes it possible to ingest and read high volumes of data in real-time. That description may sound vaguely familiar to those who followed Microsoft’s attempts to put their CEP engine StreamInsight into the Windows Azure cloud as part of “Project Austin.” Two major […]

How Do I Get Things Done? New Pluralsight Course Reveals All My Secrets

January 8, 2014


Back in August when I released a Pluralsight course on Optimizing Systems on AWS, the most frequent question I heard had nothing to do with AWS or the cloud. Instead, it was the familiar “how do you do so much stuff?” Various suggestions have been offered: robot twin, outsourcing to South America, zero sleep. Alas, […]

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Favorite Books and Blog Posts of 2013

December 30, 2013


The year is nearly up, and it’s been a good one. 30+ posts on the blog, job changes, 4 new Pluralsight courses, twice-monthly contributions, graduation with a Masters Degree in Engineering, and speaking engagements around the world (Amsterdam, Gothenburg, New Orleans, San Francisco, London, and Chicago). Here’s a quick recap of my favorite blogs […]

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How Do BizTalk Services Work? I Asked the Product Team to Find Out

December 23, 2013


Windows Azure BizTalk Services was recently released by Microsoft, and you can find a fair bit about this cloud service online. I wrote up a simple walkthrough, Sam Vanhoutte did a nice comparison of features between BizTalk Server and BizTalk Services,  the Neudesic folks have an extensive series of blog posts about it, and the […]

Window Azure BizTalk Services: How to Get Started and When to Use It

December 11, 2013


The “integration as a service” space continues to heat up, and Microsoft officially entered the market with the General Availability of Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS) a few weeks ago.  I recently wrote up an InfoQ article that summarized the product and what it offered. I also figured that I should actually walk through the […]

New Job, Same Place (Kind Of)

November 26, 2013


For the past 18 months, I’ve been a product manager at a small but innovative cloud provider called Tier 3. We’ve been doing amazing work and I’ve had fun being part of such a high performing team. Last week, we were acquired by telecommunications giant CenturyLink and instantly rebranded the CenturyLink Cloud. The team stays […]


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