Goodbye BizTalk 2006 R3, Hello BizTalk 2009

Good communication today about not only the name change, but more importantly, the updated roadmap for BizTalk Server (read Q & A here, see roadmap here, and see BizTalk home page here, see Steve Martin’s announcement here).

For me, the most important things communicated were:

  • greater clarification on what the Oslo release means to BizTalk Server
  • specific features in BizTalk Server 2009
  • a commitment to a continued 2+ year release rhythm of BizTalk releases
  • recognition of the types of new features we’d like to see added to BizTalk (low latency support, developer enhancements, more platform integration)

This is a great lead in to the upcoming PDC, and a smart move to reassure BizTalk customers who may have been a bit wary of what was coming down the pipe.

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5 replies

  1. The question still remains – whether it’s worth upgrading to R2 or wait for BizTalk 2009. If anything, with this announcement, the question becomes even more applicable

  2. Whether you should upgrade now or later really depends on what version you’re running now and what features you’re looking to take advantage of. I think R2 is a great upgrade because it allows you to take advantage of WCF in the BizTalk world.

  3. Oh and if you’re running version 2004, you’re on SQL 2000 which has been EOL-d, so you definitely should upgrade sooner than later. 🙂

  4. Does anybody know if it’s easy to upgrade from from BizTalk 2006 R2 to BizTalk Server 2009?
    Also, there is talk about enhancements to EDI and AS2 in the 2009 version, but does anybody know what enhancements?

    Regards Paw

  5. Hey Paw,

    I think the upgrade is in-place, so fairly seamless for R2 users. Not sure what the specific EDI/AS2 enhancements are.

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