BizTalk Server 2009 Misunderstood?

My buddy Lucas wrote up a thoughtful piece in which he points out some flaws in Zapthink’s opinion on BizTalk Server 2009 and its impact on Microsoft’s SOA strategy.  It’s a good read if you need a refresher on BizTalk’s history and compatibility with SOA principles.  As yes, SOA still matters regardless of the recent chatter about the death of SOA  (Side rant: If you bought a set of products thinking that you were “doing SOA” and your subsequent SOA projects were failures, then you may have missed the point in the first place.  Whether it’s REST, SOA, BPM, etc, it’s the principles that matter, not the specific toolset that will dictate your long term success).

If you don’t subscribe to Lucas’s blog, you should.  And I need to be better this year about pointing to (and commenting on) some of the great content written by my peers.

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