BizTalk + WCF Article Series Moved to My Blog

In 2008 I was paid to write a series of articles about how BizTalk Server and WCF integrated. As a result of that nine-part series, I was pinged about writing my first book, which turned into my second book, and so on. So, I hold a fondness for that series of articles.

That said, I’ve been bothered that the site that hosted those articles has apparently gone unattended and is, according to my Chrome browser, infested with malware. So, in the interest of the community and sharing what I thought was interested content, I’ve gone ahead and made all of the articles available on this blog. You can find the jump page for the whole series here.

In the unlikely event that I’m asked by that site to remove the articles from my blog, I will do so.  However, I don’t expect that and hope that folks can benefit from what I wrote a couple years ago.


Categories: BizTalk, WCF/WF

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