Packt Books Making Their Way to the Amazon Kindle

Just a quick FYI that my last book, Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform, is now available on the Amazon Kindle.  Previously, you could pull the eBook copy over to the device, but that wasn’t ideal.  Hopefully my newest book, Microsoft BizTalk 2010: Line of Business Systems Integration will be Kindle-ready shortly after it launches in the coming weeks.

While I’ve got a Kindle and use it regularly, I’ll admit that I don’t read technical books on it much.  What about you all?  Do you read electronic copies of technical books or do you prefer the “dead trees” version?

Categories: BizTalk, Cloud, Dynamics CRM,, SOA, WCF/WF, Windows Azure AppFabric, Windows Server AppFabric

4 replies

  1. I’ve tried a technical book on the Kindle, and it’s OK, but I find that the code sections and diagrams don’t read very well…

  2. I’ve found myself reading them on my iPhone from time-to-time; usually when my laptop has died and I’m stuck in an airport for a few hours.

  3. “dead tree” version can share with others. ebooks i bought is stuck in my itune account. When setup a company library, “dead tree” is still the preferred choice.

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