Recent Presentations (With Video!): Transitioning to PaaS and DevOps

I just finished up speaking at a  run of conferences (Cloud Foundry Summit, ALM Forum, and the OpenStack Summit) and the recorded presentations are all online.

The Cloud Foundry Summit was excellent and you can find all the conference videos on the Cloud Foundry Youtube channel. I encourage you to watch some of the (brief) presentations by customers to hear now real people use application platforms to solve problems. My presentation (slides here) was about the enterprise transition to PaaS, and what large companies need to think about when introducing PaaS to their environment.

At the ALM Forum and OpenStack Summit, I talked about the journey to a DevOps organization and used CenturyLink as a case study. I went through our core values, logistics (org chart, office layout, tool set), and then a week-in-the-life that highlighted the various meetings and activities we do.

Companies making either journey will realize significant benefits, but not without proper planning. PaaS can be supremely disruptive to how applications are being delivered today, and DevOps may represent a fundamental shift in how technology services are positioned and prioritized at your company. While not directly related, PaaS and DevOps both address the emerging desire to treat I.T. as a competitive advantage.



Categories: CenturyLink Cloud, Cloud, Cloud Foundry, DevOps, General Architecture

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