Richard Going to Oz to Deliver an Integration Workshop? This is Happening.

At the most recent MS MVP Summit, Dean Robertson, founder of IT consultancy Mexia, approached me about visiting Australia for a speaking tour. Since I like both speaking and koalas, this seemed like a good match.

As a result, we’ve organized sessions for which you can now register to attend. I’ll be in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney talking about the overall Microsoft integration stack, with special attention paid to recent additions to the Windows Azure integration toolset. As usual, there MCpromoshould be lots of practical demonstrations that help to show the “why”, “when” and “how” of each technology.

If you’re in Australia, New Zealand or just needed an excuse to finally head down under, then come on over! It should be lots of fun.


Categories: .NET, BizTalk, Cloud, SOA, StreamInsight, Windows Azure

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